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100% Money Back Guarantee!

100% Money Back Guarantee
God's promises never fail

Imagine the possibilities if every follower of Christ believed God's promises with absolute,

unshakeable confidence. You have heard the expression "100% money-back guarantee"

promises from companies. What if we embraced the declarations of God Almighty with that

same expectant assurance?

After all, Isaiah 40:8 assures us, "The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of

our God endures forever." His truth stands untouched by time. Additionally, Psalm 138:2

says God "magnified His word above all His name". He literally stakes His entire holy

reputation on fulfilling what He said.

That's not just a casual guarantee floating in the air. The Creator of the universe bet His

divine character on making good on His words. So what hold us back from total reliance? If

God exalts His promises even over His holy name, should we not exalt them in our lives

with uncompromising conviction?

When God declares "all things are possible to those who believe"(Mark 9:23), do you

unreservedly trust that word above all circumstances? Does His peace truly guard your heart

against all anxiety? Do you look at giants through lenses of guaranteed victory rather than


Beloved, cling tenaciously today to God's pledges as certain as any "money-back

guarantee"...He cannot lie. As high as the heavens tower over earth, so high does His truth

reign over all in your life. Take Him at His word - and never let go!


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