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Behold I Make All Things New

Embracing God's Promise of New Beginnings

The dawn of a new year often brings a sense of anticipation and hope – the chance to start fresh. God invites us into this expectant hope, declaring powerfully in Revelation 21:5, “Behold, I make all things new.”

This promise calls us not to casually gloss over the magnitude of those words, but to earnestly seek deeper revelation of their meaning. What does God making all things new imply about this coming year? It’s not about half-hearted resolutions but wholehearted transformation.

You see, God is not interested in renovations or minor touch ups in our lives. No, He wants full-blown creativity – fashioning unprecedented wonders that display His genius through us. God says in Isaiah – “Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold I will do a new thing!” (Isaiah 43:18-19). Let go of the familiarity of past seasons and make room for God to unveil original works of divine art.

Picture this promise like discovering new lands no human eyes have ever laid sight upon. That first glimpse elicits awe and wonder beyond comprehension – like the first pioneers landing on the shores of an undiscovered country, gazing in marvel at its glory. In this same way, God calls us pioneers to embark on a faith journey into unknown territories only He can unlock and reveal within us.

Of course, saying “yes” to radical newness requires faith and courage – much like the first astronauts stepping onto the surface of the moon. We leave behind the comfort of our status quo to encounter the remarkable plans of an omnipotent God. But that first step ushers us into His adventure, ready to chart the landscape of miracles He wishes to unfurl.

What will this year hold as we heed God’s invitation into unpredictable newness? What dormant gifts or undiscovered facets of identity await us as we follow Him into unexplored region of divine destiny? Perhaps a modern-day Christopher Columbus, we discover more of the infinity God placed within us to chart. We become the colors on His masterpiece – each stroke infusing our lives with richer dimensions we did not know existed.

Are you ready, pioneer? The vast frontier of God’s glory awaits. Let’s take His hand and run full tilt into the dawning rays of restoration only our creative God can fashion. Behold, He makes all things new – and so a new year promises prospects as boundless as eternity itself. Our faith charts the course. Our hearts are the vessels through which He will pour out entirely new wonders. All we must do is believe.


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